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Move On

I am participating in Emily P. Freeman’s #mynextrightthing 24 days of writing prompts via Instagram to celebrate the release of her new book, The Next Right Thing, and what a blessing it has been.








Today, the prompt is: “move on” and I decided to pen a blog post, rather than an Insta only post . . . (pssst: keep reading for two bits of exciting news at the end!!).


Shaking the dust off our weary feet can be harder than it sounds. And yet, if we shake off the lies spoken over us, we can arise and shine in the sacred space God has purposed for us right now. Yes! When we leave something in obedience, our feet are right where He wants us.


And yet, I don’t know about you, but my flesh cries out for that next thing. Like I need to be going somewhere. Like I need to be proving my next thing explains and justifies my departure from the old. But what if Jesus just wants me to open my eyes and see? To awake. To see He has me right where HE has always wanted me to be.


Isaiah 42:16 ESV

And I will lead the blind in a way that they do not know, in paths that they have not known I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light, the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do, and I do not forsake them.



As Emily puts it in The Next Right Thing (p.60): “We are looking for a plan, but then you offer us your hand.” And His hand in mine, that’s when I truly begin to see, feel and know afresh. I don’t need to be anywhere but where my God has set my feet. Right here. Waiting upon Him. Resting in His love. Trusting and opening my eyes to the  beauty and joy of my unknown, unfurling His known.



Song of Songs 2: 13 – 15 ESV

“Arise, my love, my beautiful one,
and come away.
O my dove, in the clefts of the rock,
in the crannies of the cliff,
let me see your face,
let me hear your voice,
for your voice is sweet,
and your face is lovely.

Catch the foxes[e] for us,
the little foxes
that spoil the vineyards,
for our vineyards are in blossom.”



What if moving on isn’t necessarily always about taking on something else? What if moving on is actually discovering who we truly are? What if it’s discovering the longings and desires God has placed within us? What if it’s about losing the “should do” and “must do” to recognize and embrace the “get to”? What if it’s about shedding the weight of our calling to grow into the grace of our calling?



What if it’s about clasping His hand and leaning into a dance His feet have always been leading?



Dance in Abandon

I dance here in abandon
The lover of my soul
He calls me forth
Wild and free, I AM is He.

Pointing fingers
Cutting words
Shaming stares
No man can tame these feet.

My childlike heart
Abba Father stills to hear
No fear or shame
Heaven’s love withholds.

Safe in His arms
I learn to lean and sway
To know His breath of life
My every move has always led.

Yes, I dance in abandon
The lover of my soul
Calls me forth
Wild and free, the Great I AM in me.



I am so thankful to God for the encouragement He keeps sending me. My dear friend, Joy Lenton, also just released a book – Embracing Hope – that has been such a blessing to me.  I would encourage you to check it out.


Here is my review on Amazon:

“Going through a time of uncertainty, not quite knowing what is next, Joy’s poems and the words God whispered to her heart brought me both comfort and the courage to keep walking forward, or as Joy puts it so beautifully:

“to stay in faith, believe
there’s an opening
where potential has been sown
where future steps are known”

It’s so easy to become discouraged and turn away from the path of the Cross God has gifted us to discover more of Him. Joy’s words have helped me see purpose in this season of many endings, opening my ears to, as Joy writes:

“Listen, listen with intent”

To remember that even when life seems to pass us by, “life’s heartbeat” is still “ringing loud and clear in us”. To slow to see and hear God’s Presence with us in the here and now. I am so thankful for Joy’s precious words and her willingness to boast in her weaknesses to draw us closer to the compassionate and steadfast heart of God.”

And finally: Bettie and I also have some news of our own. Our second Treasures from the Sands podcast – Pure GOLD – has gone live!!

What do we do when God doesn’t physically heal us or our loved ones? Where is God in our pain and suffering? Bettie shares what it was like growing up with a mother who suffered from chronic illness and what it is like now being the one who hasn’t been physically healed. It is a story of discovering fresh hope, of God uncovering the stunning beauty of His pure gold in us right there in our pain.


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  1. Good morning, Anna. Your poem is a glorious praise to He who pursues and gently lifts from the mud and mire. I appreciate your book recommendations and will save them. Have a blessed Monday. Love in Christ, Julie


    April 22, 2019
  2. Athira #

    Dear Anna,
    Wonderful Poem..May Jesus helps you write more and more on coming days too…


    April 23, 2019
    • Thank you so much, Athira. I read your message, just after God had stirred my heart to write today’s piece. So your words were such sweet affirmation.

      Liked by 1 person

      April 23, 2019
      • Athira #

        All praises to Him

        Liked by 1 person

        April 23, 2019
      • Athira #

        You’re Welcome Anna!
        Its all according to His will 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        April 23, 2019

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