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A Legacy of Love

5 years ago today, Mum (and Grandma to her many grandchildren) entered heaven’s gates at 59 years old. The Scripture I placed in the frame is one that I have carried in my heart almost 5 years now. God has truly been filling me with joy and gladness, thanksgiving and the sound of singing. No doubt Mum prayed for that for each one of her 6 children.

Our last Christmas together

The greatest gift Mum gave me was the outpouring of Jesus’ heart at work in her. I am so thankful for those really hard last months because I saw Jesus like never before. In the first weeks after her diagnosis with brain cancer that came in precious advice, hard lessons learned from her own life. In the last weeks it came through the palpable peace I felt upon her, as everything else was taken away from her. A peace that filled me with a hunger and thirst for Jesus and brought me home.

Mum, our youngest daughter and I, shortly after Mum’s diagnosis

Mum was the one who told me I should seek counseling. Mum was the one who told me boundaries were vital. Mum was the one who told me if there was just one thing she wanted me to remember it was to look after myself better than she had herself as a Mum to us 6. She knew that seeking rest, healing and wholeness for myself would reap fruit not just for myself but for my children and her beloved granddaughters also.

Mum was the one who best modeled a life of prayer and worship to me until her final breath. No, she wasn’t perfect, but therein lay her beauty. The grace of Jesus shone so brightly in and through her because she was humble enough to admit her weakness and sins and to embrace the imperfection of others in loving truth and grace.

She poured herself out for others her whole life: as a wife, mother, Grandma, sister, Aunt, friend to many, missionary, pastor’s wife, high school and preschool teacher. Even as psyioratic arthritis took away her ability to teach pre-schoolers, she looked to bless struggling Moms, graduating as a counselor mere days after a brain operation. No excruciating pain from her arthritis or employers who made it difficult for her to leave could ever stop her from traveling to the other side of the world to welcome her granddaughters, our two girls, into the world. Family came first.

Mum with our oldest, mere months before she went to be with her LORD and Savior

She was a woman who hungered & thirsted after God’s heart. On her tomb stone my Dad had the words of a dear friend engraved: “When you were with Margaret, you knew you were loved.” Oh how she loved us. Oh how Jesus loved us through her.

Mum and our oldest on one of my parents’ many visits to our home in the Netherlands

She leaves a legacy of love that continues to bless many lives. And I pray that sharing a piece of her story here blesses and encourages you too. She would want you to know you are loved. Whatever you are walking today, may the love and peace of our LORD Jesus be with you. May He make His face shine upon you, draw you up on His knee and call you His beloved.

I will leave you with one of the many worship songs my Mum loved to sing:

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  1. Oh Anna, what a beautiful tribute to your Mum. It brings tears to my eyes, thinking of the beautiful legacy she left, pointing to Jesus thru it all. May you be blessed with His love pouring over you today. **hugs** from across the sea.

    Liked by 1 person

    April 8, 2019
  2. This is a beautiful tribute to your Mum, Anna! I love the photos and all the precious memories you shared. Sending love and prayers!


    April 9, 2019
    • Thank you, Lesley. It was a beautiful day celebrating Mum at the beach (her favorite place). God is so good to us. He truly brings the oil of joy in our mourning.

      Liked by 1 person

      April 10, 2019
  3. Your words about your mom’s legacy bless me immensely. There is something so important about legacy. I think about in regards to both of my parents who have passed away and how I can continue to grow the legacy they began. You are doing exactly that by sharing your mom’s story and living a life that honors God. Thank you for the gift of your mom you shared today.


    April 14, 2019

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